Premarital Counseling

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Premarital Counseling

The problem

I SAID “I will never, ever hold premarital counseling sessions on-line via the internet.”  I SAID “The topics of marital relations—that is personality differences, how to argue effectively, planning finances, family dynamics and so on, are  just too personal to be discussed via Zoom.” However, since this virus has not gone away,(see, I have had to eat my words.  I have experienced the slow, painful erosion my own professional principles.  Couples are asking for premarital counseling. I feel it is my obligation to provide it.   So, I set up a Zoom account, learned some of the basics of Zoom. Now I am engaging in online premarital counseling sessions!

 In this, of course, I am not alone.  Other pros have experienced their own professional erosions born of necessity. A friend visited her dermatologist via Zoom.  The doctor prescribed medication according to what she saw onscreen and the symptoms my friend described to her.   Therapists routinely talk with their patients via Zoom.  My attorney daughter even appeared before a judge in court, you got it, online! 

So, this is my NEW (but not necessarily improved) modus operandi.  I email couples their Meyers-Briggs instrument surveys.  They return their completed forms which I score.  Then I return the results to them in advance of our first on-line premarital counseling session.  When we meet on-line via Zoom, we use the Meyers-Briggs survey as a springboard for our discussions. 

The solution?

“How is that going?” you ask?  Well, I have had some trouble with a couple of the videos I have embedded in a power point that I use.  And, every once in a great while I experience connection woes. You know what I am talking about if you are familiar with Zoom or Skype or even cell phone.  Sometimes those connections fail us.  

Truth be told, I would feel more comfortable if I could talk with couples in person—at my home, sitting at the dining room table–maybe drinking iced tea and munching on cookies or chips.  Ah, well.  Those days may return sometime and maybe sooner now than later.  And here I will share with you a personal celebration. I will be totally vaccinated as of March 22!    

Until this disease is truly at an end, however, I have an ok work-around. Open for premarital counseling, at your on-line convenience. 

Happy Wedding Planning!

Your (online) Wedding Officiant

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