Virtual weddings

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Virtual weddings

Yes, it’s come to this, virtual weddings. If you would like me to marry you virtually, write me at gaylee@weddingpreacherforhire[dot]com, or give me a call, 434-409-3324. Zoom IS a definite possibility for exchanging your wedding vows in the near future.  

It is fun to think about the creative aspects of virtual weddings while we all shelter in place. You are familiar with Zoom, aren’t you?  AREN’T YOU?  Who isn’t familiar with Zoom by now???  Anyway, you probably also know that there is a choice of backdrops on the Zoom screen.  In other words, with virtual weddings, couples have their pick of virtual places to marry!  A local garden or vineyard?  But wait, think about this.  Why stop there?  How about exchanging vows at the Marina Bay Garden in Singapore

Virtual wedding site
Big Island, Hawaii, great place for a virtual

or the beach on the Big Island in Hawaii?  The top of snow covered Mount Everest?  Since couples are marrying virtually, a groom can wear a tux in Honalulu and not sweat even one teensie little drop.  Likewise, a bride marrying on Mount Everest can wear that lovely strapless wedding gown and not worry about frostbite (or worse!).

No need for coats and gloves at THIS virtual wedding!
A virtual wedding on Mount Everest? Skip the
snow gear!

There are a vast array of musical options for virtual weddings, too.  James Taylor can provide the prelude. The Water is Wide  is one of my  favorites,  Or couples might bring back someone from the dead, like Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

For a postlude, they might consider Alexandra Burke singing Hallelujah,

Finally, for that all important processional, Trumpet Voluntary is a traditional wedding tune  What was good enough for Princess Diana…..

Virtual weddings require music, too.
Princess Di chose
for her processional

Or how about Pachelbel’s Canon  in D—another traditional piece.  This version even includes a choir!

There are virtual flowers aplenty online! Couples don’t have to choose in-season flowers.  And since price is no object, they can go with large bouquets.  Why not throw in bouquets for ALL the female guests. and boutonnieres for all the males? They can just add those to the comments section of Zoom.    

“Ah, but we want a reception!”  That’s what they say.   Yes, THAT is a problem.  Virtual food doesn’t fill the belly, and virtual wine does nothing to activate those tastebuds!  Here’s an idea, though.  With all the money they are saving on the venue, the flowers, and the musicians and/or DJ, not to mention the cost of hiring an on-line officiant, me (think cheap), they can certainly spring for a bottle of champagne for each guest, don’t you think?  And maybe a bottle for the officiant, too?

Bottles of champagne? Yes. This would take some real advance planning but what else do couples have to do right now?   Instead of sending out invitations via the post office, they can send out virtual invitations (again, no cost). Instead, they send out via the postal service or Fed Ex, bottles of champagne.  These will need to be delivered in advance of the wedding.  Couples tell their guests (via that online invitation) that they should refrain from imbibing UNTIL the big day.   Then, at the virtual reception, they can “1,2, 3 ready go!”  all open their bottles together, Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a blast this is!

Let’s all raise a glass and toast the newlyweds!” 

Raise a glass to the newlyweds--YOU!
Let’s all raise a glass….

I tell you, Virtual weddings have definitely possibilities! 

Happy wedding planning and STAY WELL!!!!

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