Rescheduling a Wedding

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Rescheduling a Wedding

Several days ago, I received an e-mail from a bride I was supposed to marry on June 20th. She and her fiancé are rescheduling their wedding. She wanted to make sure I was available for the new November date. I am.

I asked her if we could have a Zoom conversation about her rescheduling experiences.    I thought what she had to say might give you some clues as to how to move forward, if you yourself are rescheduling. She was generous of her time with me, even though she has been fortunate to keep her job. 

Let me set the stage here.  The bride is lovely—think long brown hair and large brown eyes.  No wonder her intended is in love with her!  She has a good sense of humor, too, which is a plus especially these days.      

As you probably know, Virginia’s governor has issued stay-at-home orders until June 10th.  Theoretically, then, the wedding could  still take place on June 20th, but at what cost?  She and her fiancé have yet to meet with: their caterer for the food tasting, the venue for the wine tasting, and the bride’s tailor for wedding dress alterations.  The groomsmen have not yet been fitted for their wedding attire. No way could they accomplish all that between June 10th and June 20th

Other options besides rescheduling your wedding?

“Rather than reschedule, you might elope,” I commented.   “I would have offered my backyard as a venue at no cost, as long as you kept the guest list small.”   But of course, an elopement is not the same as a full blown wedding.   Then too, there is the problem of the wedding dress.  She wants to wear it, and she can’t unless it is altered.  Alterations require that the bride and tailor are in close proximity to one another—which can’t happen until after June 10th

For all these reasons, the bride and groom are rescheduling their wedding.  They have contacted the vendors with the new date—again, the middle of November.  The bride-to-be appreciates the willingness of vendors to work with them in this. The company that printed the invitations (which had already been printed and mailed) will reprint the invitations AT NO COST!!!  None of the vendors required the couple to sign a new contract.  Right now, it looks like their biggest NEW expense will be stamps—for the invitations and for change-of-date cards.  She tells me,  “Change-of-date cards are available from Etsy and Minted.” 

What else needs to be done when you reschedule your wedding?

Of course, color theme, food and wine selections will all need to be updated.  The color of the bridesmaids’ dresses is lilac—a great choice for spring, but not really appropriate for late fall.  Rather than ask the bridesmaids to buy new dresses, the bride will work with the florist to choose colors appropriate for the season—navies and deep purples, maybe. The bridesmaids can hold these in their bouquets. Since it will be cold out, the bride will probably buy them shawls in dark shades, too. A good save, right? The couple will choose a dark hue for the linens.  The food will reflect coolish climes—rather than fresh spring vegetables, they intend to select heartier fare—potatoes or turnips, perhaps. The wines will be red and rosé rather than mostly white. 

That is some of what I learned from our conversation.  But our course, elopements are still an option. I have included some pics of two elopements at which I recently officiated.  The first was taken in a couple’s backyard.  They had bought plastic gas masks which we wore for a special photo op after the service proper. Christy McKee is the photographer. You can find Christy’s contact information at The couple intends to have a second wedding when the country returns to normal. 

The other photo (see below) is of a wedding at which I officiated last week—in my backyard. How happy are they?! A testament that love endures even in a pandemic!

A happy couple who decided to elope because of the epidemic.
This couple did not reschedule their wedding–they eloped
and they are happy about that, as you can see!

Whatever you decide to do, there are no wrong choices.  Just do what your heart tells you to do. 

Most of all, stay safe!  Life is good, you can believe it!

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