Should we Cancel, Postpone or Elope?

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Should we Cancel, Postpone or Elope?

      I have been thinking of you during these stressful times!  I am certain you are entertaining all sorts of questions, if you have been looking forward to getting married this year.  Your basic question is, “Should we cancel, postpone, or elope?”

Happily, we can rest assured that even though the world seems to be “out of joint,” you know for a fact that love will sustain you.  That is something to celebrate, even if it is only in your hearts for the foreseeable future! 

Below is a brief rundown of things you are probably considering right now: 

Cancel:   What if you have planned your wedding and reception at a large venue? Yes, it is with all the trappings—caterers, dj, florist, photographer. You will need to call all these vendors.  Certainly find out if they will refund your money.  That’s a headache, for sure. However, what else do you have to do right now?  Even if you are working from home, you now have long hours of down time, when you would normally work out at the gym, say, or meet with friends.  Ah, friends, and family members, too!  If you cancel the wedding, they will have to be notified.  This is the time for someone to create an UNSAVE-THE-DATE CARD! Sad, but true.  Of course, I would think UNSAVE-THE-DATE emails work just as well. 

Postpone: It may be that your vendors can reschedule your event for later in the year. THIS officiant is certainly willing to do that.  But of course, we don’t know when this virus thing will end.  So, maybe a CHANGE-OF-DATE card is appropriate here. Just put a TBD where the date would normally go? 

Elope:   I am available for elopements, as long as we stand a good 6 feet apart and as long as the gathering is small, that is no more than ten people including you and me. No, it’s not ideal, but it’s the best I can offer. If you decide to go the elopement route, I have one bit of information for you.  As of this writing the Charlottesville circuit court is open!  That means you can still get your wedding licenses there. For information about the Charlottesville Courthouse, go to 

PLEASE NOTE, THOUGH, again in Charlottesville, you must schedule an appointment with the Clerk.  NO walk-ins are permitted.  Also see my blog,

Charlottesville Circuit Court–number to call to set up an appointment, 434-970-3766

So, “Should we cancel, postpone, or elope?” These are your options, as I see them. If you figure out others, please let me know!

Your wedding officiant

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