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I have a new app.  It is called Venmo.  I  talked to several couples this year who somehow manage to lead checkbook-less lives.  I have had trouble wrapping my mind around that concept, I tell you.  Yes, I have auto-pay for some of my on-going expenses, but VENMO?  After a third couple told me they would have to get a draft from the bank in order to send me a deposit, I decided, enough of this!  I mean really.  I don’t want them to have to do the work.

So, today I took the plunge.  I created a password, and all the rest, and now I am on.  I also talked with a nice woman at VENMO headquarters, who was extremely patient with me when I asked her, what are probably some very basic questions.   Now I know something about how VENMO works.  Did you know that Venmo is an iteration of Paypal? Cool, huh?

No stamp required!

With Venmo  it should be easy-peasy for you to pay for my services—no hunting for an envelope, no having to buy postage stamps.  AND, I don’t have to bother sending you an e-mail when your check arrives—since you won’t be sending one!  SWEET.  Venmo is several processes all collapsed into one—sign on, pay, done!


Love this new technological age!

Now if only someone could come up with a wedding planning app…..


Happy wedding planning!


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