Premarital Counseling

“We met with Gay Lee to have our pre-marital session, which we highly recommend any couple partake in, no matter the status and duration of your relationship. It was the single most important thing we did. We enjoyed learning what made us work and took away a better appreciation for ourselves as individuals and each other as a couple. As insightful as the process was, Gay Lee made it enjoyable and personable, we wanted to get married the very next day.” –Txu and Chris

Many engaged couples do not think that they need a pre-marital counselor. After all, you are in love, right? The time to call in a counselor is when something starts to go wrong with the relationship, right? Wrong! The best time to call in a counselor is before problems surface.I will help you talk through your perceived and expected responsibilities to each other in your marital relationship. I know what questions to ask. I will also provide a Myers-Briggs type inventory for you, which gives you information about your particular personalities. Finally, we will work together to discover how you might work through differences and disagreements in an atmosphere of love and respect.

Contact Gay Lee at 434-409-3324 or gaylee [at] weddingpreacherforhire [dot] com to find out more about premarital counseling and whether it’s right for you.

Books I recommend to engaged couples: